Like all database management systems, PostgreSQL is enhanced by additional enterprise tools and capabilities to ensure high availability at scale. To meet these needs, EnterpriseDB created the EDB Postgres Platform, which adds additional features, capabilities and support around the PostgreSQL database.

Enterprise-ready Tools

Oracle® Compatibility Features

24/7 Anytime, Anywhere Support

What’s in the Platform

The platform consists of four major components, starting with two database options, then adds enterprise level tools, deployment options, and finally service and support.

Database Options

Choose the popular open source PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server with added performance tools, enterprise security, compatibility for Oracle®, and DBA and developer productivity features. PostGIS is available for applications that operate on geospatial data.

EDB Postgres
Advanced Server


Tool Suites

The EDB Postgres Platform’s tools are born directly out of the requirements of EDB’s large enterprise customers, cover more use cases than community tools and provide a one stop shop for best of breed capabilities.


Mission critical tools for infrastructure monitoring, tuning, high availability and disaster recovery.

Postgres Enterprise Manager

Failover Manager

Backup and Recovery Tool


Build across multiple data sources including traditional DBMSs, Hadoop, NoSQL and new data stores.

Replication Server

Data Adaptors


Tools that make it easy to move your schema and data to the EDB Postgres Platform.

Migration Toolkit

Oracle® Compatibility

Migration Portal

Deployment Options

Used across the world in organizations of all types and sizes, EDB Postgres is deployed in today’s most popular environments.



Bare Metal

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Services & Support

The EDB Postgres Platform is complemented by a portfolio of support, training and professional services offerings.

24/7 Global Support

Professional Services

Certification & Training