New Email Marketing Tool for WordPress

Meet weMail – A cloud-powered email marketing solution for WordPress users.

Email marketing is hard and finding an email marketing tool that integrates well with WordPress is even harder. weDevs a WordPress Plugin Developer , have been cooking up a new product and ready for public release.

Tightly integrated with WordPress, weMail will help you get more subscribers with an even better subscriber management system. weMail has many exciting features to power up your email marketing workflow –

  1. Solid WordPress Integration
    Collect subscribers from WooCommerce order, user registration, comment opt-in, and WordPress user-sync. Put them into a single or separate email list for you to email them later.
  2. Opt-in & Embed Forms
    With Embed Form and Opt-in forms, you can place forms anywhere on the website to collect email addresses. Integration with popular WordPress contact form plugins will even further supercharge your email collecting process.
  3. Switch Email Sending API
    With email sending API, weMail will help you send email blasts without having to worry about the deliverability issue.

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