weMail- Simplified Email Marketing with WordPress

weMail is a robust platform for email marketing. This cloud-based marketing solution takes all the loads without impacting your server indeed. With the weMail newsletter platform, you can send emails via Amazon SES, SparkPost, Mailgun or your favorite SMTP provider.

Besides, it has deeper customer insights to make your email campaign more effective. Apart from this, you can customize a beautiful email design at an insanely low price. It is the best drag & drops email builder with the same delivery rate compared with other leading options.

weMail allows you to send intuitive emails for better customer engagement. Additionally, you can personalize each email based on your customer preference. It will help you to generate email considering the user’s behavior and their preference. As a result, it automates workflows with better revenue.

This is how weMail works

weMail will make you able to build any type of mail and send it to your desired recipient list. You can connect weMail with any of the supported email sending services by inserting the API key.

Most amazingly, it can work nicely with the most popular Form Builders such as Contact Form 7, wp forms, weForms, Gravity, and others. Also, it will lower the bounce rate by keeping your list clean.

Key Feature:

  • Easy integration with WordPress
  • Built-in autoresponder
  • Capable to send authenticated bulk emails
  • Unlimited subscribers without any restrictions
  • Auto campaign report generator
  • Powerful list segmentation and targeting engine

Now, you can easily send the newsletter, collect leads, automated emails, add subscribers to a list and manage subscribers from your WordPress dashboard. It’s a perfect solution for small to large businesses with large email databases.

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